The Fossil Fuel Band
The Fossil Fuel Band will be the opening act for The Matt O'Ree Band Concert on Saturday, July 30, 2016, at the Sussex County Fairgrounds. Fossil Fuel will take the stage at 7:00. This is the only planned appearance for the band this summer.

The band has been in the studio writing and arranging material for a forthcoming CD. The band now consists of alternating musicians, who will be rehearsing and recording new material on a regular basis. There will also be showcases booked in the near future to promote the band's new material.

Thank you to the following musicians and engineers for your contributions to the Fossil Fuel Band, your musical contributions, and your continued moral support:

Christopher Porcello
Howard Burg
Tom Neubauer
Rich Rogers
Sean McMechen
Jeffrey Thompson
Anthony Limongelli
Joe Percora
Saundi Lamoureux
Ryan Grasso
And especially, Karl Weber...


Events Calendar

Saturday, July 30, 7:00PM- Opening band for "Rockin' at the Fairgrounds with the The Matt O'Ree Band"

Fossil Fuel Studios

Fossil Fuel Productions would like to extend an invitation to bands and performers to use the Fossil Fuel rehearsal and recording studio at an unbeatable price.

Rehearsal Rate:
$20 per hour / Minimum 3 hours per rehearsal

Recording Rate:
1) Studio (facility) time is $25 /hr.
2) Recording and Production process is $30 / hr.
     Studio time and recording time combined is $55 / hr.
3) Mixing $200 / song with 3 revisions
4) Mastering $100 / song by Ed Littman Mastering

Located in Pine Brook, NJ, close to Route 46, easily accessible from Route 80, Route 287 and Route 280.

Recording engineer,  Karl Weber

Stephen Porcello, owner/operator Fossil Fuel Studios
Call and make an appointment to visit the studio at your convenience.
Phone: 862-266-6882

Fossil Fuel Music Player